Best Fence Wire, Barbed Wire & Welded Wire Mesh in Pakistan

We manufacture Fence Wire, Barbed Wire & Welded Wire Mesh on an imported Wire Mesh welding plant.
Our Welding plant has been imported from Austria, manufactured by M/s EVG,
a world-renowned company whose machines are considered one of the best
Machines for Manufacturing Welded Wire Mesh.
The Line Wires are pulled from the coils and cross wires are straightened
on Wire Straightening Machines

Who We Are

AIM INDUSTRIES is a Wire Mesh Production Company. We are a professional producer of Wire Mesh Products in Pakistan. The company is professionally engaged in the production of various kinds of Woven and welded wire mesh products like fence wire & Barbed Wire that are used in Construction sites, Defense Systems, and for Decoration purposes. Our Company incorporates different kinds of High production efficiency Weaving and welding machines having low production loss. AIM Industries has been manufacturing and producing high-quality Wire Mesh products meeting our Customer’s requirements and needs while Maintaining market trends and standards


Welded Wire Mesh

Welded mesh is a welded steel wire mesh manufactured from Bright drawn wire, electrically welded at the intersections.
Because it is

Triple Twist Hexagonal Mesh

Many years ago, Gabions were used in this part of the world in the form of wicker baskets, for the fortification of military est

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing can be erected on most types of posts including concrete, angle iron, square, rectangular and

Barbed Wire

Two grades of Barbed Wire are available, 1. Two-ply galvanized line wire of 2.6 mm or 12 SWG with four-point Barbs of 2 mm

Chicken Wire Mesh

Galvanised Chicken wire mesh creates a strong honeycomb mesh structure by twisting two adjacent wires at least four times.

Aim Industries Profile

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Welded Wire Mesh

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Welding Wire Mesh plant

We have an in house wire Drawing Facility to draw Wires from 10 mm to 3 mm, On the world’s famous wire Drawing Machine Manufacturer, M/s Hi Draw Engineering ltd., England UK. Wire drawn is used for Manufacturing Welded Wire Mesh

Watch How We Make Welded Wire Mesh


Aim’s more products you would like to order

Chain Link Fence

Chain-link fencing can be erected on most types of posts including concrete, angle iron

Barbed Wire

Manufactured from mild steel galvanized steel wire conforming to British Standard BS 4102 (Annealed),

Hexagonal Mesh

Triple twist hexagonal meshGabion boxes and mattresses are made of triple twist hexagonal mesh fabric

Chicken Mesh

Aim industries offer triple twist hexagonal chicken mesh rolls for all kinds of uses like strengthening the plaster.

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