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Gabion boxes and mattresses are made of triple twist hexagonal mesh fabric. The fabric is machine woven netting made from G.I. or PVC coated mild steel Wire.


Triple Twist Hexagonal Mesh Gabions / Mattresses

Many years ago, Gabions were used in this part of the world in the form of wicker baskets, for the fortification of military establishments to keep out military adventurers and to hold the mighty rivers in check. These crude baskets were in fact, the forerunners of the modern Triple Twist Hexagonal Mesh Gabions/ Mattresses.

The modern Gabions are wire cages, almost always rectangular in shape, varying in size, and designed to solve, at a nominal cost, the manifold and often complex problems of river bank erosion. These rectangular cages are designed to contain low-grade or waste stones often available at the site of erection, formed into permanent protection, buttress, or support for river banks, sea walls, culverts, road bridges, railways, and reservoirs.

AIM INDUSTRIES offers Triple Twist Hexagonal Mesh Gabions / Mattresses. for civil schemes capable of withstanding the movements of the earth without too much structural deformation.

What are Gabions

Gabion boxes and mattresses are made of triple twist hexagonal mesh fabric. The fabric is machine woven netting made from G.I. or PVC coated mild steel Wire. It possesses high mechanical strength and the triple twist weaving of Wire prevents unraveling.

The wire conforms to BS:4102 (annealed for tensile strength and is Galvanised By a hot dip process having a zinc coating of 80-150 grams per M2 or by
Electrolyte process or PVC Coated.

The mesh panels are reinforced at all edges with wire of a larger diameter
Than that is used for manufacturing the mesh to strengthen them and to
Facilitate construction.


The characteristics of the gabions manufactured from PVC coated wire are Similar to gabions manufactured from galvanized Iron Wire. PVC coated Wire has been introducing to safeguard against corrosion and other weather Effects, especially when the gabions/mattresses are used in saline or highly
Polluted water.

Gabions may be divided into cells by fitting dividers which have the function Of reinforcing the structure and making assembly and erection easier. It is of vital importance that the construction material chosen meets high Standards with regard to engineering requirements and at the same time is
Environmentally friendly.


The triple twist hexagonal mesh gabions / mattresses have following positive advantages.

◆ Ability to deform without cracking allowing the structures to withstand any unpredictable movement or settlement without
loss of stability.

◆ Higher resistance to natural forces due to better tensile strength.

◆ Simple installation procedure using natural or quarried stones obtained locally.

◆ Gabions / Mattresses are quickly and effectively erected by relatively unskilled labour.

◆ The gabions structure blends easily and harmoniously with natural Surroundings.

◆ The speed at which the works are carried out is unparalleled in civil Engineering, besides making it cost effective


The effectiveness of a gabions structure relies on The integrity of the wire baskets throughout Their design life.

High-quality wire with appropriate corrosion Protection is therefore essential.

The use of low-grade mesh, selvage wire, or tie Wire is a false economy.

Cheap hand-twisted mesh soon unravels And a uniform mesh size is difficult to Achieve.

The first step in the successful use of gabions
Therefore, the selection of an appropriate


a) Gabion boxes/mattressesare packed in convenient numbers per bundle, in folded flat form. This makes them easy to handle and transport from factory sites. Normally, top lids are packed and supplied separately, as they are to be secured to the top only after the filling of stones is completed.

b)Individual sheets are straightened flat, without any creases, and laid to form the required boxes/mattresses(Fig 1).

c)The sheets are now connected with lacing wires in a continuous sequence.

d)The sheets are then systematically folded. Care is taken at this stage to ensure that the boxes/mattressesare rectangular, by maintaining an exact distance between each panel (Fig 2).

e)Gabionsshould be filled with hard natural stones. The natural or quarried stones should be of non-variable texture, weather resistant, and preferably of high density. The size of stones should be at least twice the size of the mesh so that they are retained within the mesh even at high pressure. Stones are to be packed tightly, with minimum VOIDS (space between). Care is taken to level stones at different stages, and connecting wires are used to retain the original size and shape. This prevents bulging (Fig 3).

f)The bracing wires are used at regular intervals of 300 mm (as shown in Fig 4)in order to retain the original shape and prevent bulging. Where “jumbo” boxes/mattresses are required, dividers are placed and connected with tie wire at regular one-meter intervals (Fig 4) At the time of the erection of the gabions on site, large numbers of boxes and mattresses are used. It is necessary to tie and connect them in series, so as to form one integrated structure. Tie wires are used to connect selvage wires of adjoining gabions at regular three to four-inch intervals. The loose ends of the tie wires are then fully secured to the selvage wire, by triple loops, for full security (Fig 5 & 6).


We give below typical sizes and specifications of Triple Twist Hexagonal Mesh Gabions/Mattresses
Manufactured by us: Alternative wire diameter or sizes of Gabions and Mattresses can be
Manufactured to suit individual contract design requirements


Mesh : 80 x 100 mm
Max: Wire Dia : 3.0 mm for Galvanised Wire
4.0 mm for PVC Coated Wire

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